The Messengers Quartet

1981 - 1991

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Dwight Coe - Mark Dillard - Mike Corder - Sonny Girdley
Baritone - Lead - Tenor - Bass

1991 - 1994

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Mark Dillard - David Brackney - Mike Corder - Dwight Coe
Lead - Baritone - Tenor - Bass

Dwight Coe taught Elementary School for the Royal Oak Public Schools
Dwight is married to Jan who mixed our concert sound
They have three daughters: Stephanie, Amy, and Melissa

Mark Dillard worked in Quality Control for General Motors
Mark is married to Kathy and their children are Karla, Aaron, and Nathan

Mike Corder was a TV Repairman and later owned the business
Mike is married to Diane and their son is Tim

Sonny Girdley worked for Pontiac Motor Division and later for EDS
Sonny is married to Joye and their daughters are Terri, Lori, Julie, and Kim

David Brackney teaches science at Rochester College
David is married to Alisa and their daughters are Katelyn, Leneigh, Hannah, and Grace