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The Harmony Four
Belle WV

Ron and Lil Miller teamed up with Allen and Pat Smith to form one of the most beloved groups ever. Their infectious smiles and humble attitude were always as sweet as their tight harmonies. They were such an encouragement to The Messengers whenever we were privileged to sing with them. After they had come off the road, they were always on the front row anytime we appeared in their area. A few years ago they released a new CD of material that belongs in any Harmony Four fan’s collection. These days, Ron and Allen are elders at the Belle congregation which keeps them busy.

Father and Son
Belle WV
Father and Son is composed of Allen Smith and Ron Miller of The Harmony Four, Allen and Pat Smith’s son, Wes and Robbie Miller, son of Ron and Lillian Miller.

Acappella/Keith Lancaster

Back in the day, we were privileged to sing on the same program with Acappella many times. It was always a packed house full of lots of young people who not there to hear us! There were usually in attendance, however, parents and grandparents who liked us “old guys”! Keith Lancaster, who sang with and founded Acappella, now travels the country conducting his “Praise and Harmony” workshops. His blog is an interesting mix of photos, reports, observations, and unofficial surveys about modern worship trends that helps maintain awareness of what’s going on in the brotherhood.

The Melody Boys
Farmersburg IN

One of our forerunners and the inspiration for many of the songs we sang. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we flattered them a LOT!  The Melody Boys epitomized all-male, four-part harmony that ministered as well as entertained which is what we tried to do as well. They began singing in about 1960 and continued until 1976.  In 1985 we were blessed to sing with them once when they were back together on a limited basis. They joined us at the Annual Allen Park Michigan concert and proceeded to show us how it was done!  Angie (May) Bailey (one of the daughters) is working on this site. She also has converted all of their records to MP3s which are available on the site for purchase. If you like our music, you will love theirs. Encourage Angie in her labor of love.

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